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When done correctly this service gives you better fuel efficiency, higher speeds and a longer life for your boat. When performed incorrectly it can introduce high levels of copper and biocides, such as cuprous oxide, into the water.

A hull can be painted with either hard (low copper) paint, or anti-fouling paint (often referred to as an ablative paint). Hard Paint will be slicker and will allow your boat to move faster through the water. However, it will require regular hull cleanings to remove the slime coat and keep it free of marine life such as barnacles. This type of paint has less tendency to come off during hull cleanings.

Anti-fouling or Ablative paints are designed to slough-off any marine life that would try to grow on your boat's hull. This type of paint is ideal if you keep your boat in the water for any period of time greater than a week. It does a great job of keeping your hull free of barnacles if you paint it regularly (normally on a two-year rotation). One drawback with most anti-fouling paints is that they have high levels of copper and biocides which get sloughed off along with the barnacles into the water. This is especially true when a boat hull, painted with an anti-fouling paint, is cleaned while in the water. These elements are harmful to the fragile marine environment. At Under Boats we will use the least abrasive materials possible to clean boats with anti-fouling paints.

Hull Cleaning Rates

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NOTE: Heavily fouled hulls may be priced higher.

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