"Who's Under Your Boat?"

Our Promise


We all depend on the oceans of the world. How clean we keep them will directly impact the lives of millions of sea-dwelling creatures, as well as our own lives. The Chesapeake Bay is our piece of those oceans, and we at Under Boats are committed to doing our part in keeping it clean.

Some of the services we provide have the potential of introducing harmful chemicals and metals into the water when performed incorrectly.

It is important for you, the boat owner or marina operator, to understand these dangers and how to avoid them so you can join us in upholding the Clean Marine Initiative. Here is our policy, we hope you will make it your own.

  • We will use the least abrasive material that will effectively clean your hull. This will keep the paint on your hull and out of the water.
  • We require a 30-day 'curing' period between your last hull paint job and your next hull cleaning to allow the paint to properly set up.
  • We will not sand, or strip hull paint underwater.
  • We always bring zinc anodes back to the surface and recycle them.
  • As we grow and encounter new opportunities not listed here we will always keep before us a commitment to keep our waters clean.

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