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The term "running gear" refers to a boat's propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, intakes (through-hulls), intake covers, transducers, knotmeter, keel coolers (when applicable), grounding plates, and line cutters.

With just a few barnacles on your boat's running gear you might experience symptoms such as:

  • vibration when the boat is in gear
  • black smoke coming from your exhaust
  • loss of RPMs
  • increased fuel consumption
  • "prop walk" or an inability to control the direction of your boats movement even when in gear
  • knotmeter failure
  • depth-finder failure
  • lack of ability to draw water through your intakes

If these symptoms are ignored, or if a boats is run with heavy barnacle growth on the running gear, it could result in much more serious problems such as:

  • warped shaft
  • damaged cutless bearing
  • overheated engine
  • nonfunctioning AC unit

At Under Boats we don't just scrape propellers, we clean your boat's running gear in an effort to restore your boat to its peak performance ability. We pay attention to the details, such as cleaning the cutless bearing water ports to keep your cutless running smooth and cool.

If you have a specific concern about something under your boat let us know, we're here to serve you and your boat.

Also, remember the zincs!

When we are cleaning your running gear the labor cost to install a zinc is only $10 per zinc. If you think you might need zincs replaced let us know which ones you need so we can have them with us when we clean your boat.

Here are our running gear cleaning prices:

True Inboards Rate
Sailboat (up to 49ft.) $50
Sailboat (50 to 59ft.) $70
Sailboat (60ft. or greater) Call For Pricing
Single Engine (up to 49ft.) $70
Single Engine (50ft. or greater) Call for Pricing
Twin Engine (up to 49ft.) $85
Twin Engine (50ft. or greater) Call for Pricing
Thrusters $20 each
Winter dives available. Cold water fees apply. Please contact us for details.

This special price is for customers who participate in scheduled cleanings or when more than one vessel is being serviced at the same site. So gather your friends, schedule a cleaning and save some money! A $50 minimum fee will apply to all other cleanings or service

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