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Gloucester Business Comes To The Rescue For Vacationing Maryland Couple

(September 17, 2014)
Gloucester Mathews Gazette-Journal

A Maryland couple's recent vacation to Bethpage Camp Resort could have turned out tragically, because of something lost in the water, but a Gloucester business - Under Boats, Inc. - helped turn their frowns into smiles.

Amy and Micheal Mullins of Elkton, and their four younger children, had driven the four hours from their home to Urbanna for Labor Day, excited to spend the holiday at the resort.

"Our excitement, however, turned to tears once my husband lost something very precious to him... his dentures," Amy said.

"Our kids were playing around when our oldest son pushed his dad off of the trampoline and into the water," she said. "The sudden movement must have somehow jarred Micheal's upper dentures loose. He said that he realized they had come out and attempted to grab them but he was more worried about trying to keep his head above water."

After a 20-minute search, the couple came up empty. "The dentures cost $2,500 and he knew our insurance would not cover it," Amy said. With their oldest daughter just sent off to college, money is especially tight right now. "It would have been quite a while before we could even think about replacing" the dentures, Amy said.

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